Writing construction specifications is

complex... not impossible.

Spec-LAB is your educational resource for building product knowledge and improving the quality of your construction documents.


What is Spec-LAB?


Spec-LAB – Learning for Architects and Builders – is an online, educational training platform for gaining a better understanding of building construction and improving the quality of construction documents.

Spec-LAB is designed to educate in construction materials, products, systems, and assemblies and is a trusted resource used by architects, builders, and specifiers, for gaining knowledge and guidance in reading and writing specifications.

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Our Learning Content

PowerPoint Videos

Short, digestible videos created and organized with you and your time in mind.

Photo Gallery

Visual catalog of construction elements, including things you may not see every day.

Spec Training

An archive of guided specifications training sessions led by Susan Bliss.

Continuing Education Units

CEUs available for Live Training Sessions and Spec Training sessions!


Explanations of the terms and lingo commonly used in the construction industry.

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